1) Identify Trends & Opportunities In The Market
Education and insights into what type of property the market is finding value in currently, as well as into the future will ensure that your development thrives in the market for years to come. Perhaps more families will be willing to make the move into apartments considering their close proximity to the city or critical infrastructure.

2) Developing A Point Of Difference
Doing something against grain can also work in your favour into the future. Perhaps you are going to consider larger floorplans in apartments or high-quality building products in your build which are features that will stand the test of time and outlast trending development phases. A point of difference that will generate intrigue and demand from buyers will go a long way to ensuring great capital growth and selling potential.

3) Design
The design is where your point of difference can shine through. Communicating these goals to the architects and consultants means that everyone shares a common goal and your ideas are executed.

4) Sustainability Principles
A significant part of your development’s design will be the sustainability methods, which are environmentally-conscious initiatives that increase the development’s energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. Usually coming at an significant short-term expense, the long-term benefits of sustainable initiatives have great return on investment and show leadership in the development field.  

5) Having The Right Builder
Finding the best builder doesn’t always mean finding the cheapest. The best builder for your project will meet milestone dates and be efficient in their methods. They will also ensure quality craftsmanship and use trusted subcontractors, meaning that your development will be built better and last longer into the future.