Perhaps you are considering starting your first development and want to know the differences between managing the project yourself, or leaving it in the hands of a qualified project manager. We’ve broken down the differences to demonstrate the difference between the two, and how each will impact your build to assist your decision making.

– Have total control & understanding of the project
– Organise budgets & timeframes
– Will need to take out building insurance
– Can potentially save money by going DIY

Many who choose to self-manage the development themselves have the hope that it will save them money, however it can be quite contrary if they lack experience and do not know how to property troubleshoot issues with council or out on site with sub-par contractors.

A lot of self-managed developers seriously underestimate the time, money and stress involved with the build, as well as all the paperwork that goes with it. They are also burdened with the fact they must guarantee all work undertaken, accept all the risks and responsibilities involved, including taking out all the required insurances.

Project Manager
– Oversee the whole project on your behalf
– Tender for and organise all subcontractors (including having existing relationships with quality professionals used before)
– Fully coordinate and schedule the project
– Manage the budget
– Have a high level of experience and expertise to work through issues and create desirable outcomes for all parties involved
– Keep the project moving and on track to meet your deadline

Although it may seem like a large cost, the value that can be found in a quality project manager will save you money through their negotiations with consultants and contractors, ensuring the work is of the highest standard throughout the lifecycle of the build.

It’s important to ensure that the project manager has adequate experience, is properly licensed and has all the appropriate insurances. All project managers work slightly differently to one another, however at Shepherd we work closely with the client and all stakeholders involved to ensure your vision comes to life. We take the stress of the development off your shoulders so you can continue enjoying your day-to-day life.